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Let CCN help you take control of your nutrition so you can perform on and off the field and in and outside the board room.

Membership Includes:

*Medical testing, food and culinary services not included.

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Basic Plan

$ 670
00 Month
  • Customized Onboarding
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Meal Prep Coordination

Premium Plan

$ 870
00 Month
  • Includes Basic Benefits
  • Meal Prep Coordination or Hiring a Chef
  • Twice A Week Check-Ins
  • On-Demand Services

Elite Plan

$ 1,220
00 Month
  • Includes Premium Features
  • Daily Coordination
  • Travel Services
  • FREE “Go Bag”

VIP Plan

$ 2,000
  • Includes Elite Benefits
  • Snack and Meal Delivery Services
  • Dining Out Assistance
  • FREE “Go Bag”

*All packages require a 3-month commitment.

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